Social Security Number (SSN) Policy Administration and SSN Coordinators

The University of Illinois System SSN Coordinators oversee the implementation of the University of Illinois SSN Policy. The SSN Coordinators also approve, in consultation with the Office of University Counsel, proposed new disclosure statements or modifications to existing disclosure statements.

You can contact the SSN Coordinators by email at or by using the individual SSN Coordinator contact information provided below.


Shefali Mookencherry, Chief Information Security Officer, Technology Solutions, 

Esteban Perez, Director of Information Security, Technology Solutions,


Brian Clevenger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Retention Management,

Vern Huber, Assistant Director Enterprise Applications, Information Technology Services,


Kim Milford, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer,

Phil Reiter, Associate Director of Privacy, Technology Services,

System Offices 

Chris Barton, Director of Information Security & Technology, 

Jared Ross, Senior Associate Director of Security,