SSN Information for Faculty

The following information is intended to assist faculty members in applying and interpreting the University´s Social Security number policy. Specific questions with regard to the policy or its application should be directed to the SSN Coordinator for the appropriate campus.

The Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) permits faculty to have access to a student´s Social Security number. A student´s Social Security number is part of his or her academic record. Social Security numbers are highly confidential and are afforded legal protections beyond those detailed in the FERPA regulations. The following guidelines highlight specific aspects of the University policy and FERPA relating to Social Security numbers of particular interest to faculty members.

  • Social Security numbers, or any portion thereof, should never be posted.
  • Grade or class rosters with Social Security numbers should be disposed of in a secure manner, e.g., shredder or confidential recycling bin.
  • Social Security numbers should not be made available to individuals or organizations outside of the University.
  • Social Security numbers should only be exchanged between individuals within the University when absolutely necessary and no alternatives exist.
  • Teaching assistants should be informed of the confidential nature of Social Security numbers.
  • Social Security numbers should not be used as part of an electronic authentication system (i.e., used as either a login or password).

Ferpa Tutorials

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