Policy Administration

SSN Policy Administration

During 1999 the University of Illinois developed and adopted a formal policy on the collection, maintenance, and release of Social Security numbers. A Social Security Number Oversight Committee has been assigned to ensure the communication of this policy and to act as a resource for information or as a reference, should issues or concerns arise during day to day operations with Social Security number usage. The University's SSN policy applies to every campus comprising the University of Illinois. This oversight committee is composed of an administrator from each campus and University Administration.

Committee Members

Chicago: Ed Zawacki, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Academic Computing and Communications Center, (312) 996-0658
Springfield: Brian Clevenger, Registrar/Director of Records and Registration, (217) 206-6174
Urbana: Joe Barnes, Interim Chief Privacy and Security Officer, (217) 265-6447
University Administration: Chris Barton, Director of Information Security & Technology, (217) 300-8888 and Troye Kauffman, Assistant Director of Security, (217) 333-7829

Contacting the committee: Email to ssn@uillinois.edu.

SSN Committee report

The SSN committee wrote a report to accompany the Social Security number policy. This report provides considerable background for each element of the policy. 

Accompanying Committee Report (html | pdf)